Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Find the Best Nail Art In Delhi Salon

Nail art is a booming trend in Delhi and across the globe today. Having artwork on your finger or toe nails enhances your personal style, appeal and confidence. The artwork used also expresses creativity and is often seen to be a fashion activity widely accepted in the social circuits. Many ladies love nail art to accentuate their attire or dress. It is today regarded to be an integral part of beauty and fashion.

You will also see different nail designs and forms of nail art on catwalks. The best designers flaunt them on their models. Celebrities and famous personalities also love to show off nail art trends. They flaunt pretty and eye-catching designs on the catwalk. Moreover, if you are creative and have an inclination towards art even you can from the comforts of home create nail art to suit your artistic personality, mood or outfit.

In case, you are not so good with designs, you can opt for salons that specialize in nail art. There are many good ones that will give you amazing designs. With them you can flaunt your hands and feet in style and impress everyone at the first look. The choice of salon however needs to be the right one.

Blliis by Ravissant- Best Nail Art In Delhi

If you are fond of nail art and looking for the best nail art in Delhi , you should drop into Blliis by Ravissant. This exclusive nail art salon gives you some of the latest and best nail art designs you could ever imagine. The professionals are highly talented and skilled at their work. At the same time, the professionals also give you valuable nail art maintenance tips to ensure the visuals last a very long time.

In ancient times, nail art was the display of social class. If you had the most extravagant design, you would be considered higher the class. You will find nail art these days is available to everyone. It has exploded in popularity. It is a growing trend and high fashion.

If you want your nails to look the best, you should opt for a Luxury salon & Spa that will give you the desired results. Even if you have a great design in your mind, you may contact the professionals in the salon and guide them with instructions. They will be happy to help.

Therefore, if you are based in Delhi and looking for a good place for getting some of the coolest nail art designs, drop in Blliis by Ravissant- you will never regret the experience!

Monday, 6 July 2015

Best Wedding Make Up in Delhi By Blliis

The best wedding make-up is a primarily concern for making women about to get married. They run from pillar to post to find the best wedding make up for their special day. In the Capital, there is however one name that gives you the Best Wedding Make Up in Delhi - Blliis by Ravissant. This exclusive salon and spa boutique is one of the most famous places in Delhi where you can really look your best on the special day.

Wedding Makeup is a very important part of your marriage. You wish to hide all the flaws and look ravishing on that day. The make -up artist has to analyze your looks and hide the defects and bring out the positive features of your face. This is an art and not all make-up artists are trained in this. However, at Blliis by Ravissant, things are different. Every make-up artist here is experienced and trained in the art of make-up.

They are aware of what will suit you and what will not. This is the reason why it is important for you to go to them and book an appointment. The professionals are highly in demand and they are passionately devoted to make you look like an angel on your big day. They are friendly and listen to your concerns especially if you are allergic to certain products. They only use products that will suit your skin and not result in any outbreaks.

Go In For The Best Wedding Make Up In Delhi

At Blliis, you are able to look your stunning best on your big day. Make up boosts your confidence and the right make-up also makes you look beautiful and glamorous. The professional make-up artists at Blliis are trained and skilled in the art of making you look your flawless best. The make-up session is a personalized session.

All you have to do is sit back and relax. The products and the cosmetics used are certified and Best spa services in Delhi. They are suited for the health and well-being of your skin. The moment you entrust the passionate make-up artists of Blliis to take care of your looks and appearance on your wedding day, you are sure making the right choice. The make-up artists here not only make the bride look special but all the guests invited to the big day too. To contact and book your appointment with Blliis professional make-up artists, please visit Blliis by Ravissant today!