Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Simple Hair Care Hacks by Best Salon for Women

A woman’s hair plays a key role in Indian culture. Almost all women understand that hair is an influential part of one’s personality. Want to make a stellar overall look? The key lies in healthy, shiny and long hair. In order to achieve a scalp full of thick luscious locks one can achieve and retain healthy and shinning hair and all it takes is a proper hair care routine. Hair care can be effectively achieved by visiting the best salon for men & women as they take care of proper hygiene and hair health. Also, they understand the nature, texture of one’s hair better than anyone, which helps one with properly nourished and healthy hair. It is very essential to keep one’s hair clean and less chemically treated as possible to prevent damage to both the hair and scalp. Many hair care and best salon for women offer consultation services for one to have properly nourished hair.
Know Your Hair Type:
Hair care is all about choosing correct hair care products which is according to one’s hair texture and quality. To find these you can ask the hair stylist in your next visit to the best salon for men & women. For ease of understanding we list basic hair type below for one to understand:
1.       Normal Hair
2.       Dry Hair &
3.       Greasy Hair
If one’s hair holds their style well and look good and healthy all the time then they have normal hair. If your hair tends to be limp, lack volume and are flat with a lot of grease then they have greasy hair. This condition is also because of active secretion of sebaceous glands which leaves the hair sticky and greasy. On the contrary if one’s hair feels dry and rough and looks tangled, frizzy and dull then one definitely has dry hair. To avoid damages to one’s hair one simply needs to follow a proper hair care routine.
Hair Care

One can save themselves from hair damage by applying simple hacks to their hair care routine.
Always rinse hair thoroughly with warm water and let them air dry for best results. Ensure you apply gentle pressure and massage your scalp with shampoo in-place of rigorous rubbing. For best shampooing technique one can take cue from best salon for men & women. Hair in general are most prone to breaking when wet. Hence avoid fierce rubbing motions to apply shampoo and conditioner. Also, it is better to leave the condition for a few minutes before rinsing it. Use clean and dry towels to pat dry hair and use a clean comb or a brush to gently loosen out the tangles. It is also a good idea to sensibly use styling products to towel dried hair. But one should avoid extensive use of styling products. Visit best salon for women to understand which hair styling product would suit your hair. At the end of the day it all boils down to the fact that proper hair care routine would help you improve your hair quality as well as hair health.
Simple Hair Care Hacks by Best Salon for Women
Hair plays a key role in Indian culture. Almost all women understand that hair is an influential part of one’s personality. Want to make a stellar overall look? The key lies in healthy, shiny and long hair. Many hair care and best salon for women offers consultation services for hair care.

Friday, 9 December 2016

Making the best First Impression on your soon to be In-Laws!

Gone are the days when women around the world used to dress ladylike before meeting your soon to be In-laws for the first time. It was surely a risk-taking task when it comes to meeting parents. But a little extra bit of help in grooming could significantly boost one’s confidence when it comes to the meeting day. There are just few go-to tips which can help one in boosting confidence.  Luxury Salon & spas such as Blliss by Ravissant can surely help you with calming your stress nerves. Our set of highly trained professionals know the mantra to turn your stress into confidence. All you have to do is, visit our salon & spa in Delhi and you are sorted. 

First and foremost, before visiting a luxury salon & spa in Delhi one should plan for is the outfit intend to wear for the meeting. Select an outfit that makes you feel great about yourself along with feeling comfortable. If there is a colour you love and have got compliments for in the past then definitely start with that. An important point to keep in mind is that you can never get a second chance to make the first impression. Hence, avoid any eyebrow-raising and bold outfits such as short, tight and revealing clothes. This necessarily doesn’t mean that you have to wear something that is too uncomfortable for you or something which you haven’t tried before.  For e.g if you are one who loves to dress up in western wear and haven’t worn a traditional saree ever. Avoid wearing the same at all cost. The idea is to stay comfortable and to be as transparent and natural as possible.
Another trick could be if you speak to your partner and take cues about how his family is and how they perceive a person. Find out their expectations from the conversation you have with him and you will instantly have an ‘In-Law’s like & dislike cheat sheet’ for yourself. 

Decide & Get set Glowing

When you are done with planning on what to wear decide on which salon & spa in Delhi you should go to achieve the best of you. It is essential that one should not only look presentable but also should look confident as well. The trick is to get glowing from the inside so that you are with as less stress and tension as possible. Stick to the basics and get done with your facials, skin treatment, spa massages, hair removal and grooming etc. If you plan to do anything new talk to your stylist first. Majority of luxury salon & spas have professionals to guide you for what is best for your skin type. Sometimes experimenting with new stuff might make your skin breakout which is the last thing you need before meeting your guy’s parents. Hence always consult a professional before such meetings. Also, make sure you get a flawless natural make-up done before the meeting. Something which shouldn’t be heavy or cakey rather flawless and matte to make you look the best. All this and you are sure to make the best impression in-front of your future in-laws.