Friday, 23 October 2015

Body Massage To Die For In Delhi

You may not be aware of the simple fact that a regular body massage can actually do wonders to your health and mood. We are all hard pressed for time and stressed with life. It is important for us to take care of ourselves first before we can really take care of others. It is here that body massages help. They have many benefits and are ideal for both men and women.

If you are based in the Capital, you should get a body massage done by the skilled specialists at Blliis by Ravissant. This renowned luxury salon gives you some of the best body massages in Delhi. The professionals here will counsel you and give you the body massage that is best suited to your age, lifestyle, needs and preferences.

The moment you opt for regular body massages here at Blliis by Ravissant, you effectively are able to relieve stress and body aches with ease. At the same time if you are susceptible to acute blood pressure and taking medications for the same, a regular body massage helps you to bring it down naturally and without side effects.

If you are susceptible to frequent headaches and have bouts of migraine on and off, a full body massage will give you instant relief. The body massage process and techniques detoxifies the body and rids it of unwanted chemicals. You may suffer from frequent back pains due to the incessant sitting posture at your office desk. Body massages also act on aches and arthritis. This means if you are looking for a holistic way to remove the nagging aches and pains, a complete body massage will give you natural pain relief.

When you walk into Blliis by Ravissant, you will be welcomed by friendly professionals who care. They will sit with you and patiently listen to your concerns. There are a host of oil and ayurvedic body massages for you to opt for. Each of these body massages has a specific objective in mind- they are meant to energize and rejuvenate you.

Regular body massages tend to give you the mental and the physical stimulation you require for a healthy and active life. The best part of a body massage is that it removes stress and tensions from your life. With the right professionals, you effectively are able to combat the stress and tensions in your life without substance abuse and alcohol.

It is important for you to pay attention to yourself. Skilled massage therapists will guide you to an elevated state of mind and fitness levels the moment you make body massage a part and parcel of your daily life. Opt for Blliss By Ravissant today and see the positive difference the friendly professionals make to your life.
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Friday, 16 October 2015

Hair Fashion Trends This Season

Fall has set in and it is time for a load of festivals and occasions to hit town. You definitely want to look your best. Hair is an important style quotient you cannot ignore this season and it is important for you to find the best hair treatments for your image and type of hair. Let us take a look at some the hair fashion trends that promise to make you grab the limelight wherever you go-

For Women-
  • Classic French Twist- This gives your hair a modern makeover. The bohemian waves are tamed and you get a neat look.
  • Low ponytails- The low pony tail trend has set in. You can give your messy hair a low ponytail look to keep it in one place. You can also sport a side ponytail if you want!
  • Side Partings- Side parting your hair will give you the sophistication and appeal you want. It can be used for both long and short hair.
  • Classic French Twist With A Ribbon- The classic French Twist can be sported with the aid of a ribbon. It will also go well with a braided extension. This hairstyle gives you a younger and cooler look.  
  • Waves- This is the most simple and coolest hair trend that you can have for long hair. You can keep them loose. Bohemian waves are now being carried over this season. The focus is on thick texture and if you want you can braid your hair if it is slightly damp!
For Men-
  • Angular Fringe- This is best suited for men that have a round face. The top layer of the hair is long and cut at an angle with tapered sides.
  • Caesar Haircut- This is a buzz cut and ideal for spikes. It is easy to maintain and you can use a dab of styling gel or cream to keep it intact to last you for the whole day!
  • Simple Casual- Here the hair is longer on top and shorter on the sides. The hair is slicked back to give you a simple yet casual look!
  • Brushed up- This hair is long and kept shorter on the sides. It is a classic hair cut that can be ideally used for short hair.
  • Side part pompadour- This hairstyle definitely has come back. It has been an integral part of hair fashion history. You can always keep in style with the pomade!
Thus, if you are looking for the best hair treatments in the Capital for yourself, step into one of the best hair salons – Blliis By Ravissant. The stylists here will take good care of your hair to make you look your dashing best. To know  more, click

Friday, 9 October 2015

Best Nail Art Salons In Delhi - Blliis By Ravissant

One of the latest crazes among stylish divas today is nail art.  With decorative designs and patterns, you can enhance the look and appeal of your nails to meet and match any occasion. There is a misconception that nail art is only popular among teenagers and young girls. This is wrong. There are women of various ages that are going in for nail art. There are both simple and trendy designs to match your style and personality. You can opt for them at any age. This means if you wish to get nail art done do not hesitate- walk into a good reputed salon and meet professionals who will give you the design that you can proudly flaunt in public!

In Delhi, you will find many women and girls going to nail art salons to get experts working on their nails to give you super designs to flaunt. One of the best nail art salons in Delhi - Blliis by Ravissant say that many women and girls come in daily to get cool amazing designs on their nails. Gone are the days when just a monotone nail color was in vogue. Women and girls are going wild with the host of options available with creative nail designs.

The professionals at this widely sought after salon in Delhi is skilled in the practice of nail art. They ensure that nails match the occasion and personality of the wearer. There is also a huge dash of stylish colors to complement any outfit worn as well. The professionals here resort to a large variety of trendy to simple designs. Women and girls can get the option of painting their nails with dots, flowers, stickers and more. Some intricate designs also spell out the names of celebrities and bands. You can also have your full name spelt as well if you want. If you are keen on nail art and not sure about how to go about it, you can always ask professionals here to advice and counsel you.

When it comes to nail art accessories and tools, the experts at Blliis by Ravissant use their own. Each of them are the latest and are of top quality. The moment you step in you will find a conducive and comfortable atmosphere. The professionals here are very friendly and welcoming. They will ensure that you get the best nail art for daily or party wear. You can also check out the catalogue of designs that they have before you get it done on your nails. The best part of nail art decoration here is you will get the latest in trends and patterns. So, if you feel like getting your nails decorated with the latest style and trends, drop in at