Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Simple Hair Care Hacks by Best Salon for Women

A woman’s hair plays a key role in Indian culture. Almost all women understand that hair is an influential part of one’s personality. Want to make a stellar overall look? The key lies in healthy, shiny and long hair. In order to achieve a scalp full of thick luscious locks one can achieve and retain healthy and shinning hair and all it takes is a proper hair care routine. Hair care can be effectively achieved by visiting the best salon for men & women as they take care of proper hygiene and hair health. Also, they understand the nature, texture of one’s hair better than anyone, which helps one with properly nourished and healthy hair. It is very essential to keep one’s hair clean and less chemically treated as possible to prevent damage to both the hair and scalp. Many hair care and best salon for women offer consultation services for one to have properly nourished hair.
Know Your Hair Type:
Hair care is all about choosing correct hair care products which is according to one’s hair texture and quality. To find these you can ask the hair stylist in your next visit to the best salon for men & women. For ease of understanding we list basic hair type below for one to understand:
1.       Normal Hair
2.       Dry Hair &
3.       Greasy Hair
If one’s hair holds their style well and look good and healthy all the time then they have normal hair. If your hair tends to be limp, lack volume and are flat with a lot of grease then they have greasy hair. This condition is also because of active secretion of sebaceous glands which leaves the hair sticky and greasy. On the contrary if one’s hair feels dry and rough and looks tangled, frizzy and dull then one definitely has dry hair. To avoid damages to one’s hair one simply needs to follow a proper hair care routine.
Hair Care

One can save themselves from hair damage by applying simple hacks to their hair care routine.
Always rinse hair thoroughly with warm water and let them air dry for best results. Ensure you apply gentle pressure and massage your scalp with shampoo in-place of rigorous rubbing. For best shampooing technique one can take cue from best salon for men & women. Hair in general are most prone to breaking when wet. Hence avoid fierce rubbing motions to apply shampoo and conditioner. Also, it is better to leave the condition for a few minutes before rinsing it. Use clean and dry towels to pat dry hair and use a clean comb or a brush to gently loosen out the tangles. It is also a good idea to sensibly use styling products to towel dried hair. But one should avoid extensive use of styling products. Visit best salon for women to understand which hair styling product would suit your hair. At the end of the day it all boils down to the fact that proper hair care routine would help you improve your hair quality as well as hair health.
Simple Hair Care Hacks by Best Salon for Women
Hair plays a key role in Indian culture. Almost all women understand that hair is an influential part of one’s personality. Want to make a stellar overall look? The key lies in healthy, shiny and long hair. Many hair care and best salon for women offers consultation services for hair care.

Friday, 9 December 2016

Making the best First Impression on your soon to be In-Laws!

Gone are the days when women around the world used to dress ladylike before meeting your soon to be In-laws for the first time. It was surely a risk-taking task when it comes to meeting parents. But a little extra bit of help in grooming could significantly boost one’s confidence when it comes to the meeting day. There are just few go-to tips which can help one in boosting confidence.  Luxury Salon & spas such as Blliss by Ravissant can surely help you with calming your stress nerves. Our set of highly trained professionals know the mantra to turn your stress into confidence. All you have to do is, visit our salon & spa in Delhi and you are sorted. 

First and foremost, before visiting a luxury salon & spa in Delhi one should plan for is the outfit intend to wear for the meeting. Select an outfit that makes you feel great about yourself along with feeling comfortable. If there is a colour you love and have got compliments for in the past then definitely start with that. An important point to keep in mind is that you can never get a second chance to make the first impression. Hence, avoid any eyebrow-raising and bold outfits such as short, tight and revealing clothes. This necessarily doesn’t mean that you have to wear something that is too uncomfortable for you or something which you haven’t tried before.  For e.g if you are one who loves to dress up in western wear and haven’t worn a traditional saree ever. Avoid wearing the same at all cost. The idea is to stay comfortable and to be as transparent and natural as possible.
Another trick could be if you speak to your partner and take cues about how his family is and how they perceive a person. Find out their expectations from the conversation you have with him and you will instantly have an ‘In-Law’s like & dislike cheat sheet’ for yourself. 

Decide & Get set Glowing

When you are done with planning on what to wear decide on which salon & spa in Delhi you should go to achieve the best of you. It is essential that one should not only look presentable but also should look confident as well. The trick is to get glowing from the inside so that you are with as less stress and tension as possible. Stick to the basics and get done with your facials, skin treatment, spa massages, hair removal and grooming etc. If you plan to do anything new talk to your stylist first. Majority of luxury salon & spas have professionals to guide you for what is best for your skin type. Sometimes experimenting with new stuff might make your skin breakout which is the last thing you need before meeting your guy’s parents. Hence always consult a professional before such meetings. Also, make sure you get a flawless natural make-up done before the meeting. Something which shouldn’t be heavy or cakey rather flawless and matte to make you look the best. All this and you are sure to make the best impression in-front of your future in-laws.  

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Get Perfect Bouncy Hair by Visiting Luxury Salon in Delhi

It is that time of the year when you might be battling with extreme hair loss and dull hair because of the extremely humid weather condition. If you are a girl born and brought up in India, you might remember those lavish weekends where your mother would heat oil and give you a rigorous head massage followed by tight braids to help encourage hair growth and texture. Not only those days made one feel rejuvenated and de-stressed but it also helped one have bouncy hair. Both women and men took equal care of their hair. Today warm oil massages are replaced with a lavish hair spa treatment. Now it is very easy to survive hair damage and look beautiful all by visiting a luxury salon & spaat-least once a month.Once you are aware about what a hair spa is, it doesn’t usually take time for one to be addicted to this treatment for having lovely tresses. There are tons of exclusive and luxury salon which offer a variety of hair therapies and other rejuvenation solution. Our experts at Blliss by Ravissant help you decipher the term ‘Hair Spa’:

Luxury Salon

What is Hair Spa?
Having damaged, dull and rough hair is very common in today’s stressful work lifestyle. Majority of it is because people have wrong eating habits. Proper nutrients don’t reach the scalp resulting in dull and damaged roots.  While eating right nutritious food is essential to tackle the problem from the inside, it is crucial that you couple this with a hair spa experience. The therapy includes various treatments which are a combination of massage techniques, use of aroma oils/serums with toners and conditioners. Post therapy one can find their hair be shinier and voluminous.  It is essential that one visit the best luxurysalon & spa centre who understands your hair type and offer services accordingly.

When Is the Right Time to Go for A Hair Spa?
Ideally one would think to heat some coconut or olive hair and run fingers through section of hair and that’s it. But with pollution on the rise, it has become very tricky to maintain hair health with home remedies only. One definitely requires professional assistance when it comes to dealing with hair which are treatedwith coloured, dull, frizzy hair and damaged hair. One should ideally visit the luxury spa one every 15 days till the hair has regained its healthiness.

Also, when you are opting for a haircut, styling or colouring you can always plan for a hair spa treatment prior/after so that the hair retains its texture. Upcoming wedding or kitty party? Hit the luxury spa centre for a glowing you. One can also book for hair spa treatment to flaunt the vibrant locks of hair at the event. Another important occasion one could visit the salon and spa would definitely be after returning from a vacation. That’s the time when you realise that your skin has picked up a lot of tan and your hair have become un-tameable.

 For more hair tips and suggestion, you can visit www.bllissbyravissant.com

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Indulge and Rejuvenate in the lap of Luxury Salon in Delhi

Are you on a lookout for best salon in Delhi? Well, your search ends here. Explore, indulge and rejuvenate in the lap of luxury salon and spa in Delhi. Organic based exquisite spas with premium offerings is the new getaway for both men and women alike. Blliis' beauty care treatments and the product range is top notch in the nation. People working in arduous work conditions generally resort to unique spa experiences to relieve stress and tension. What's more interesting is the fact that one can just walk in to Blliis, the best salon Delhi for authentic organic salon experience second to none in the country and experience a holistic salon and spa experience.  

Earlier it was a common misconception that salon and spa services were for the rich and famous due to which they never explored at all. Today, in a competitive environment people find it hard to cope up with stress and the after effects it has on the body, mind and soul. People wanting to be on topof the corporate ladder generally start abusing their bodies by stuffing it with unhealthy food. One of the major drawbacks of overactive corporate life is that one starts to exerting the body to extremes where the body ultimately collapses. Luxury Salon in Delhi bridges the gap between a person and their long lost urge for pampering and relaxation. Blliss by Ravissant offers a wide variety of therapeutic salon services to free one from stress, body ached and tension. Premium Spa treatments at Bliss by Ravissant are specifically focused on reversing the effect constant work pressure one deals with while balancing both work and home.  

With regular visits to the Bestsalon in Delhi one can walk back the road to good health and prosperity. One also needs to have a discipline lifestyle to compliment the visits to the spa centre. With time and dedication towards your body and proper intake of nutritious food the body aches and pains subside slowly. Regular spa treatments also helps in eliminating the toxins from the body unlike the effects one has after taking medicines. Luxury Salon Delhi offers a plethora of  ayurvedic treatments for a holistic recovery in which one can indulge in. Apart from this there are various aroma therapies which also have a positive impact on the mind and senses!

Another plus point for visiting luxury salon & spas is that you can get consultation by spa specialists for a speedy recovery to peace and vitality.  With proper consultation and focused spa treatments, one can find significant difference in their body and life. Visit Blliis By Ravissant today to explore various holistic spa and salon treatments. 

To know more, please visit www.blliisbyravissant.com

Saturday, 30 April 2016

Treatment For Damaged Hair – Get Your Hair Health Back!

If you check the market today, you will find that there are different damaged hair treatment products. The challenge is to find the right one that will cater to the needs of your hair. Natural hair care products are available in the market for different kinds of hair like dry, thinning, brittle and more. It is hard for you to pick the best damaged hair treatment as there is no single generic product that will guarantee working for you. Different hair care products work differently with people and so if one treatment suits another, there is no guarantee that it will suit you!

Seek The Aid of Professionals
The issue of damaged hair is overwhelming to many people. They often resort to natural hair care solutions after asking friends and family. This treatment is mostly trial and error and in most circumstances takes a lot of time. The products available in the market promise results but here again the results may vary from one individual to another individual. In the midst of these things, your hair does not get the treatment it deserves and the result is your condition deteriorates further causing you more panic and concern!

The best hair treatments for your damaged hair can be recommended to you by qualified and skilled hair care professionals located in an esteemed salon and spa. These professionals will evaluate the condition of your hair and recommend a hair care treatment that will ensure you address the damaged hair issue from the root. They will use special hair care products that are safe and suitable for your hair. They will recommend to you the number of sittings or sessions you need to make to first address the issue from the roots. Once this is done, they will give you home care products for you to follow up. In due course of time, you will gradually see the condition of your hair improving and the signs of damage diminishing!

Hair Color Caution –Go Organic
Professional hair care experts warn individuals that one of the potential causes of damaged hair is hair color. People use hair color on their hair without knowing that this hair color has the potential to damage the sheen and health of the hair in no time. It is important to go to an organic hair color salon where the professionals will understand your unique needs and give you the right solution without hassles at all.

Therefore, you can regain hair health back provided you take the wise step of being with professional hair care experts. These experts will ensure that you get the best for your hair care needs with personalized care and attention. To get immediate redress for damaged hair in the Capital,

Sunday, 17 April 2016

Reasons To Pamper Yourself At The Spa

Spa services are galore everywhere and they give you valid reasons to relax, detox and reconnect with yourself. There is a common misconception that spa services are expensive but this is wrong. Thanks to the number of spas growing in the Capital today, you can actually hop down to one and pamper yourself. 

See the difference when you pamper yourself at the Spa.
Spending an entire day at the spa really works miraculously for your body. There is a wide range of treatments that you may opt for when you are going in for spa services. Let us take a look at some of them:

Massages: When you have booked an entire day at the spa, massages are a very great way to ease those tensed muscles and enhance circulation in the body. During a massage your body produces endorphins which are a natural pain-killer. Several spas provide different types of massages and the most common types are the deep tissue massage, Swedish massage and the hot stone massage. The best spa services in Delhi also give you Thai and Shiatsu massages that balance the energy in your body when specific pressure points are touched. If you are pregnant and expecting a child, pregnancy massages help in the reduction of pain, stress and swelling in mothers.

Facials- When you hit the spa for the whole day, it is recommended for you to go in for facials. Facials improve your looks and make the skin on your face soft and supple. Several people consider facials to be an unnecessary ritual however a facial is an amazing way to pamper your skin and make it look fresh and rejuvenating. Regular facials also clear the dead cells from your skin and give it a radiant look. When professionals perform your facials, you get better results.

Body treatments- body treatments like body wraps and the like allow you to detoxify yourself. You can also make your skin toned and soft with them. There are some body scrubs that also help you to slim down as they remove the excess fluids from the body. There are some salons and spas that have body scrubs created from sea salt and other soft buffing pads. The scrub helps in removing dead cells from targeted areas of your body.

Manicures and pedicures: After taking care of your body and hair, you can work on your nails and make them equally healthy. You can also opt for amazing nail art designs by skilled and talented artists.
Therefore a day at a spa is worth the effort and the money. You can rejuvenate yourself and also look stunning too.

For the best salon & spa for men & women in Delhi, Please visit www.blliisbyravissant.com

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

An Insight Into Ammonia Free Hair Color

Today, several men and women color their hair on a regular basis. The hair color industry is a lucrative one and there is a huge amount of funds spent on it every year. The demand for hair color is increasing day by day. This is the sole reason why so many hair color products are being released in the market annually. People in a rush to look young and remove the greys fail to check the ingredients of the hair color they use. Most of them contain harmful chemicals that damage the health of the hair in no time. One of these harmful chemicals that you will find on most hair color products available in the market is ammonia!
Beware Of Ammonia
One of the worst offenders in the hair color industry today is ammonia. This chemical is used to deposit the hair color inside the cuticle of the hair but with the passage of time it causes integral damage to the hair and ruins its structural integrity. For your hair health, it is important for you to opt for an organic hair color. You may visit an organic hair color salon that will ensure that the hair color used to color your hair is safe and free from damaging chemicals. 

How Do You Identify Ammonia Free Hair Care Products?
Experts of hair care have laid down the following rules via which you can identify products that have no ammonia in them-
  • The product will condition your hair and provide you with everlasting color. Most of the products will contain aloe vera. Ammonia free products will also be enriched with vegetable ingredients to give you an intense color. 
  • If you are using a natural hair color like henna, ensure that it is 100% premium henna. Henna seals and also coats the shaft of the hair. It protects the hair and gives you a shiny finish. Most of the products that contain henna are plant-based and they are created to give you healthy hair color that will last for a very long time.
Organic hair color experts state that it is very important for you to identify bad hair care products from good ones. There are organic hair color salons you can opt for getting the ideal hair color for your needs. These salons have skilled and experienced professionals. They will give you natural hair color treatment that is plant based and free from ammonia. With the passage of time, you will find that your hair gets lustre and sheen thanks to them. There are esteemed spas that give you organic hair color too and you can bank on them for getting shiny colored and healthy hair without hassles at all.
For the best spa services in Delhi, Please Visit www.blliisbyravissant.com/menu-hair.html

Monday, 21 March 2016

Are Spas A Necessity Or A Luxury?

Spas and luxury salons have mushroomed all over the Capital and nation. However, many people still consider that spa hopping is nothing but an unnecessary splurge. What many people do not realize is that going to a luxury spa or salon even when times are “tough” contributes to better health and success. Here are the top reasons why- 

1.Reduces stress hormones- Yes, life is unkind most of the time and it takes a toll on your mental and physical health. However, with the best body massages offered by a spa, you are able to reduce the levels of cortisol that create havoc in the human body. The body massage that you take lowers the heart rate and reduces your blood pressure to a very large extent. 

2.Boost well-being and immunity- When you opt for regular spa and salon treatments, you improve your well-being and natural immunity levels to a very large extent. You have “natural cells” that fight against invaders to your health. There are some body massages that women with breast cancer have benefitted from. 

3.Bid Adieu to pain- Yes, sedentary lifestyle and incorrect posture at the office does take a toll on your health. The body revolts and sends the message of pain back to you. You often suffer from the trauma of muscular pain, headaches, migraines and more. There are head massages and body massages that you may opt for at a luxury salon & spa. This creates wonders to your health. The treatment is holistic and 100% natural. You do not have to bank on pharmaceutical pain killers anymore.  

4.Mood Booster- Regular trips and visits to the spa actually elevate your mood as it increases the levels of dopamine and serotonin. Treatments like a massage enhances these hormones and makes you relaxed. 

5.PMS – There has been evidence that women who has severe PMS could reduce mood swings, pain and water retention better with regular trips to the salon or spa. There is no need to go in for a body massage all the time. Even simple beauty treatments like pedicure, manicure and facials go a long way in reducing the severe symptoms of PMS in women. 

Therefore, from the above, it is evident that a spa or salon visit is more of a necessity over a luxury in today’s world. It is true that life is fast and we do not have the time to rest and take care of ourselves. However, it is important for you to give yourself individual attention for survival and keeping disease at bay. 

Lifestyle issues often invite health complications. This affects mental functionality and you fall prey to a number of killer diseases. Regular trips to an esteemed and reputed spa or salon will actually help you to reduce the threats of falling prey to killer diseases. You can control stress and exhaustion better. Treatment for pain is holistic and natural. In short, you live healthy, you live better!
For more information on luxury spa and salon treatment benefits, please visit  http://www.blliisbyravissant.com/

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Visit Hair Salons & Spas To Boost Your Confidence & Self Esteem!

This article gives you the top reasons as to why you should visit a reliable and trusted hair salon/spa for regaining confidence and lost self esteem.

Your hair is the first thing people notice when they look at you. You need to ensure that your hair is well kept and attractive wherever you go. Both men and women face the same dilemma when it comes to hair loss and thinning scalps. Many people are now resorting to the professional services of expert spa and salon specialists to take care of their hair problems with success. Every person wants to have a strong and healthy mane of hair on their head. Coupled with good hair a regular beauty regime will do wonders to your life too!

Bank On Salon/Spa Hair Specialists That Are Trained
When it comes to maintaining a healthy mane of hair for both men and women, it is important for you to ensure that you bank on professionals who are certified and trained. It is crucial for you to bank on reputed hair salons in the area so that you are able to visit them every week for your treatment sessions. When you are going to a salon, it is always important that you go a reputed salon. The spa or the salon should have
trained hair specialists to Cater to your needs.

Flattering Haircuts & The Right Style
When you are going for hair care, it is important for you to always opt for the right haircut and style. You can never believe on how just one hairstyle can make a huge difference to their face. The best salon for men & women will always ensure that you receive the hair care and treatment as per your individual needs. There are popular hair salons that give you hair coloring services that further enhances your looks and appeal. With these new looks and confidence, you are able to regain your lost self esteem.

What Will A Good Hair Salon Offer You?
You may be wondering as to what a hair salon will offer you? First of all, it will give you everything you need for enhancing your hair style. There are some salons that give you additional treatments like manicure or pedicure. In most cases, you will find that hair salons targeted for both men and women are one stop shops for them to get treatment sessions. Here, you can drop in and get all your beauty and personal care treatment sessions done in a single visit. You are able to save time and money. There are some salons that even give you packages where you get attractive discounts on a wide variety of services with success.

Start Salon Stopping Now...
Therefore, if you wish to begin your journey of confidence and high self esteem, it is important for you to begin salon hopping now. You will notice a positive difference not only in your appearance but also in the quality of your life when you look and feel good. With the right hair salon/spa and beauty therapists, you can transform your life and give yourself the makeover you always deserved.
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Monday, 7 March 2016

Look Your Ideal Best On The Wedding Day With The Best Make-Up Experts In Delhi !

The wedding day is your big day and it is obvious that you wish to look stunning and perfect on it. You are making arrangements to capture the best moments of your special day and have even hired a photographer for the cause. It is important for you to ensure that you have the perfect wedding make-up done on that day so that you look flawlessly stunning. At first it may seem difficult for you to look and be your “natural” best however when you have the best wedding make up in Delhi experts like Blliis By Ravissant, the task is not cumbersome at all!

The professionals at Blliis By Ravissant say that your make-up should be as natural as possible. This will make people get used to seeing the “real” you. There are several women who look too made-up on their wedding day and this gives them a very artificial and superfluous look. It is important for you to be aware of the right experts who will do your make-up for you. They will make it as natural as possible and before the final day, it s very important for you to practice your make up to achieve the perfect results.

The experts at Blliis By Ravissant state that most of the time it is important for you to ensure that the make-up is close to your whole attire on the final day. If you wish to experiment with your hair style before the final day, it is very important for you to tell your stylist. Your stylist will ensure that the hair style that you embrace for the big day meets and matches your entire look. At the same time before you are going in for the perfect make-up before the big day, it is very crucial for you to use the products that best suit your skin. The right brands and cosmetics should be used when you are going in for the ideal make-up. Practice makes you perfect. The experts at Blliis By Ravissant will ensure that you get the right look so that people will appreciate you well.

The cosmetic experts at Blliis By Ravissant will give you the right make up for your big day without hassles at all. They will also provide you with the best nail art in Delhi too giving you the ideal bridal look you have always dreamt of. The specialists are trained and certified in the latest make-up trends and looks. This is the reason why you effectively are able to bank on them without  tensions at all!

For professional advice and more tips on beauty please visit - www.blliisbyravissant.com/

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Top Summer Skin Care Tips For 2016

Summer will soon be knocking on the door and it is obvious that you would be needed top summer skin care to keep glowing and looking fresh this 2016. Unfortunately, the blazing sun and the intense pollution seem to make this endeavor quite challenging. However, the experts at Blliis By Ravissant- one of the best luxury salon & spa specialists in Delhi give you the following quick tips to keep looking your sunny best this 2016-

Exfoliate Your Body With A Good Body Scrub- Your skin sheds cells at an amazingly alarming rate every minute and it is important for you to get rid of them with a good quality body scrub. No matter how much lotion you use for summer, you will never have glowing skin if you fail to exfoliate. Gently rub your skin in circular motions with a good quality body scrub that suits you. If you do not have time, drop into a really trusted salon and allow the professionals to get it done for you.

Hydrate Your Skin- There are a large number of summer lotions available in the market. Your skin needs hydration. Make sure that you hydrate your skin with the right lotion. Ensure you drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated from within.
Sunscreen- Yes, sunscreen is a must! There are several reputed and good brands of sunscreen available in the market. To get the right sunscreen for your needs, you should have experts checking the quality of your skin. They will tell you accurately on which kind of sunscreen to use!

Foot Care- Summer skin care does not mean that you neglect your feet. After all you will be flaunting those super vibrant sandals to flaunt your glowing feet. Foot massages and scrubs are a must. You should also go in for regular pedicures by experts.

Body Massages- Body massages improve blood circulation and they help you get fresh and glowing skin. The best body massages are always given by trained professionals who are skilled in the field. It is always important for you to approach them. They will give you the appropriate body massage ideal for your body. Body massages can be taken by both males and females.

Nail Care- It is important for you to look after your nails well. They should be cleaned and trimmed well. When it comes to nail polish, the hues you put on your toes can be much bolder over the ones you paint on your fingernails.

Hair Care- Last but not the least, it is important to take regular hair spas to add lust and shine to your hair. Regular hair spas will also address hair loss and spilt ends.
Therefore, if you are willing to look your best this 2016, follow the tips mentioned above. For professional advice and more tips on beauty please visit -www.blliisbyravissant.com/spa.html

Monday, 15 February 2016

Benefits To Go Organic With Your Hair Color!


Your hair is your crowning glory however with age, stress and pollution the grey hues do appear making you look older than your actual years. When it comes to hair color application you may be scared of the chemicals in the hair dye products that are available in the market today.  Instead of going out in the market and getting your own hair dye, it is prudent for you to ask professionals and opt for organic hair color instead. This hair color is safe and gives your hair sheen, color and health!

Benefits of Organic Hair Color 

When it comes to hair color, you will find many people going organic these days. Organic hair color is superior over their natural counterparts. Given below are the reasons why:
  • Organic hair colors are a natural alternative to their chemical variants. They are free from PPD and   other damaging chemicals to your scalp and hair.
  • If you are looking for longer lasting color and sheen, it is time to go in for organic hair colors.
  • When it comes to nutrition for your hair, you will find that organic hair color contain plant extracts and proteins. These ingredients tend to give your hair natural shine and vibrancy. This imparts a healthy color to your hair.
  • This hair color also contains natural ingredients that work together for the overall health of your hair. Some of the natural ingredients in organic hair color are walnut husks, bran extract, protein of rosemary and rhubarb.
When it comes to the best hair treatments you should opt for an organic hair color salon like Blliis By Ravissant in the Capital. The experts here are trained in organic hair color application techniques and will always conduct an allergy test before they apply the color to your hair. It is wise and prudent for you to always go to a skilled organic hair color salon like Blliis By Ravissant as the professionals here are certified hair stylists and take all the precautions necessary for you to have a healthy head of hair.

Going organic for your hair is a wise and prudent choice. The moment you assign the task of hair color to professionals, you know you are in safe hands. The hair color you choose will depend upon your complexion and lifestyle. In case you are confused, you effectively can ask stylists from a reputed salon like Blliis By Ravissant to help you out with care. 

To know more about organic hair color and the best hair treatments for a healthy head of hair, drop into Blliis By Ravissant today in Delhi. They will guide you and help you get the best hair color for your looks. To contact them for an appointment, please visit –

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

4 Hair Perming Tips You Should Know!

Get the right perm from the right professional
Hair perms are in vogue and it is obvious that you would like to get a good perm done on your crowning glory. However, when it comes to perming your hair there are some important facts you should know. The first being that you should always rely on the experts to get your hair perms done. Professionals will ensure that it is done correctly without damage to your hair. The right products should be used and at the same time the post perm treatment should be briefed to you as well. When you are about to go in for a hair perm, it is important that you consult expert stylists like the hair professionals at Blliis By Ravissant in Delhi to know whether it would suit your face or not. 

Tip 1 : No perms on damaged hair
Now, if you have decided to go in for the hair perm, it is important for you to check the condition of your hair. If it is damaged, you should not go in for a hair perm at all. Ask professionals to first correct your hair flaws. There are a number of high quality hair treatment products that are available in the market and with the aid of them you effectively are able to get your hair in order before you finally go in for the perm. For the best hair treatments in Delhi, you can always consult the friendly and skilled hair stylists at Blliis By Ravissant!

Tip 2 : Good perms do not come cheap
If you are looking for a top quality perm for your hair, it is important for you to ensure that you are ready to spend money. Good perms come at a price. It will also last longer.

Tip 3 : Washing tips 
When you get your perm, you must ensure that you do not wash your hair immediately after the perm.  Your new curls will take at least 24 to 36 hours for it to set in- shampooing is a strict no no! There are special shampoos for your perm and it is recommended that you ask your hair stylist for them. Mild shampoos are bes suited for your perms. 

Tip 4 : Wait for a day or two
You will not leave the salon with the complete finished product that you desire. It is advised to wait for a day or two to get the full look. Therefore, do not despair if you are not happy with the perm straight after finishing. It is important for you to wait and see the results settling in!
Hair perms are amazing provided they are done by the right people. Professionals at Blliis By Ravissant are trained in giving you some of the best hair perms in the capital. They are also famous for the best facials in Delhi- so, if you want a complete makeover this 2016, step into this friendly salon in the Capital. To know more,

Please visit www.blliisbyravissant.com/primp-hair.html

Monday, 25 January 2016

Pamper Your Senses With The Best Spa In Delhi

Are you looking for safe and holistic mental and physical health benefits? If yes, it is high time you go in for luxury salon and spa treatments in the Capital. Thanks to the hectic demands of work and modern lifestyle, it is really annoying to see stress affecting your physical health and appearance. Moreover, your skin age may become older than your age and this depresses you badly. It is high time you take smart steps before age and wrinkles eclipse your appearance and drag your self esteem further down. In Delhi, there is one place that will give you luxury salon and spa treatments and the name of this centre is Blliis By Ravissant at New Friend’s Colony!

What makes Blliis By Ravissant different from the rest is its ambience, top quality service and service professionals. The experts here are dedicated to your mental and physical health. Gone are the days when luxury spas and salons were only for the rich and famous. You are able to get them from trained experts in Delhi. If you are stressed out you can either opt for an aromatherapy massage to enhance your mood or an ayurvedic massage to improve your immunity. The choice is yours. There are a wide range of body, hair and facial massages for you to choose from. In case, you are confused, you can always ask the experts to guide you. They will always recommend and suggest a rejuvenating body massage for you to keep the tensions, stress and age at bay.

In case, you have body soreness and pain with fatigue, the experts here will suggest you to go in for spa therapy treatments like Swedish Massage, Thai Massage and Foot Reflexology. In order to remove toxins from your system, there are special body wraps. You can opt for them. The major objective of these wraps is to improve blood circulation. Your body will get the necessary nutrients like oxygen and nutrients to its system. Regular skin exfoliation removes dead cells and imparts a generous glow to the skin.

There are again special types of massages intended for athletes and professional sportspersons. They are called deep tissue massages and they eradicate stiffness, cramps and pains. Besides massages, there is a host of hair care and skincare treatments that are given to you after experts check and identify the type of hair or skin you have. They are address problems and provide special treatments customized to your needs.

Blliis By Ravissant enjoys positive reviews in Delhi today. Its professionals are well known in the beauty, hair and skin care circuits. It is considered to be the best salon & spa for men & women in the Capital today. For appointments and professional consultation.
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Sunday, 17 January 2016

Experience Therapeutic Body Massages With Blliis By Ravissant In Delhi To Reduce Weight

Therapeutic Body Massages

Excess weight and obesity can really steal your peace of mind and make you suffer from low self esteem. At times you just do not have the motivation to diet or even hit the gym. There are instances when you finally hit the gym but the nature of the exercises is so hard for you that you drop out before you know it.

If you suffer from excess weight and wish to knock off those unwanted pounds, it is high time that you drop into one of the best spas and salons in Delhi Blliis By Ravissant. There are many men and women who are unaware of the simple fact that regular body massages can actually reduce weight and eradicate the build-up of toxins in the body. In fact, you also not only feel good but you look good too!

You can actually slim down fast if you add body massages to your daily routine. These messages will also improve the blood circulation in your body and impart a healthy glow. There are some women who suffer from the woes of swelling edema in their legs. This swelling of the body also affects your metabolism to a very large extent.

With regular therapeutic massages you are able to shed the excess weight and get rid of the hardened fat in your body. With regular body massages you are able to get rid of subcutaneous and visceral fat. The latter does not stand out much and you are able to see it in the mid-section of the body. The former stands out more predominantly over the latter and tend to accumulate in the lower part of the body.  This fat is stubborn and you can remove it with regular massages with professionals.

Therefore, if you are looking for therapeutic body massages to get rid of stubborn body fat, it is important for you to rely on professional masseurs only. Blliis By Ravissant provides you the best spa services in Delhi. The professionals here will understand the unique needs of your body and work their way into reducing stubborn body fat. In this manner, you are able to get rid of unwanted fat in areas that make you look ugly.

If you are looking for the best body massages in Delhi, it is time for you to hop into Blliis by Ravissant. The experts are trained and skilled in all types of body massages both for men and women. A body massage followed by hot steam will also rejuvenate and de-stress you as well. For more details on weight loss and body massages that are suited for you, feel free to drop in at www.blliisbyravissant.com and meet the experts for a personal appointment!