Tuesday, 12 April 2016

An Insight Into Ammonia Free Hair Color

Today, several men and women color their hair on a regular basis. The hair color industry is a lucrative one and there is a huge amount of funds spent on it every year. The demand for hair color is increasing day by day. This is the sole reason why so many hair color products are being released in the market annually. People in a rush to look young and remove the greys fail to check the ingredients of the hair color they use. Most of them contain harmful chemicals that damage the health of the hair in no time. One of these harmful chemicals that you will find on most hair color products available in the market is ammonia!
Beware Of Ammonia
One of the worst offenders in the hair color industry today is ammonia. This chemical is used to deposit the hair color inside the cuticle of the hair but with the passage of time it causes integral damage to the hair and ruins its structural integrity. For your hair health, it is important for you to opt for an organic hair color. You may visit an organic hair color salon that will ensure that the hair color used to color your hair is safe and free from damaging chemicals. 

How Do You Identify Ammonia Free Hair Care Products?
Experts of hair care have laid down the following rules via which you can identify products that have no ammonia in them-
  • The product will condition your hair and provide you with everlasting color. Most of the products will contain aloe vera. Ammonia free products will also be enriched with vegetable ingredients to give you an intense color. 
  • If you are using a natural hair color like henna, ensure that it is 100% premium henna. Henna seals and also coats the shaft of the hair. It protects the hair and gives you a shiny finish. Most of the products that contain henna are plant-based and they are created to give you healthy hair color that will last for a very long time.
Organic hair color experts state that it is very important for you to identify bad hair care products from good ones. There are organic hair color salons you can opt for getting the ideal hair color for your needs. These salons have skilled and experienced professionals. They will give you natural hair color treatment that is plant based and free from ammonia. With the passage of time, you will find that your hair gets lustre and sheen thanks to them. There are esteemed spas that give you organic hair color too and you can bank on them for getting shiny colored and healthy hair without hassles at all.
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