Thursday, 11 August 2016

Get Perfect Bouncy Hair by Visiting Luxury Salon in Delhi

It is that time of the year when you might be battling with extreme hair loss and dull hair because of the extremely humid weather condition. If you are a girl born and brought up in India, you might remember those lavish weekends where your mother would heat oil and give you a rigorous head massage followed by tight braids to help encourage hair growth and texture. Not only those days made one feel rejuvenated and de-stressed but it also helped one have bouncy hair. Both women and men took equal care of their hair. Today warm oil massages are replaced with a lavish hair spa treatment. Now it is very easy to survive hair damage and look beautiful all by visiting a luxury salon & spaat-least once a month.Once you are aware about what a hair spa is, it doesn’t usually take time for one to be addicted to this treatment for having lovely tresses. There are tons of exclusive and luxury salon which offer a variety of hair therapies and other rejuvenation solution. Our experts at Blliss by Ravissant help you decipher the term ‘Hair Spa’:

Luxury Salon

What is Hair Spa?
Having damaged, dull and rough hair is very common in today’s stressful work lifestyle. Majority of it is because people have wrong eating habits. Proper nutrients don’t reach the scalp resulting in dull and damaged roots.  While eating right nutritious food is essential to tackle the problem from the inside, it is crucial that you couple this with a hair spa experience. The therapy includes various treatments which are a combination of massage techniques, use of aroma oils/serums with toners and conditioners. Post therapy one can find their hair be shinier and voluminous.  It is essential that one visit the best luxurysalon & spa centre who understands your hair type and offer services accordingly.

When Is the Right Time to Go for A Hair Spa?
Ideally one would think to heat some coconut or olive hair and run fingers through section of hair and that’s it. But with pollution on the rise, it has become very tricky to maintain hair health with home remedies only. One definitely requires professional assistance when it comes to dealing with hair which are treatedwith coloured, dull, frizzy hair and damaged hair. One should ideally visit the luxury spa one every 15 days till the hair has regained its healthiness.

Also, when you are opting for a haircut, styling or colouring you can always plan for a hair spa treatment prior/after so that the hair retains its texture. Upcoming wedding or kitty party? Hit the luxury spa centre for a glowing you. One can also book for hair spa treatment to flaunt the vibrant locks of hair at the event. Another important occasion one could visit the salon and spa would definitely be after returning from a vacation. That’s the time when you realise that your skin has picked up a lot of tan and your hair have become un-tameable.

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